Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 6 December 2015

3 days of bliss

It has been a 3 day weekend for me. i cleaned the absolute bejesus out of the house on Friday, possibly feeling guilty that I was not a school. I've an ear infection today too, which is possibly stress related? 7 more days of school and then 40 days of holidays! Oh, and about 1500 books still to come back. Sorry - just fell off the bed laughing at that number...

Saturday I cycled my heart out (pics later this week) and today - here I am looking un -glamourous - we walked around a new shore front reserve. The pohutukawa are flowering - this is our New Zealand Christmas tree.

You'll be pleased to know Christmas cards are all ready to post; I made some Christmas bunting and it is strung up above the dining table (not very pointy tips, but I'm okay with that!). I even did a tiny bit of Christmas present shopping too, so there is hope for Christmas in this house yet! The flowers are my birthday flowers :).

Twas a good few days and my brain is kind of ready for the last few days....

The good husband feeds me well and the beans are homegrown.

Have fun at end of year school stuff - I am going to zero school prizegivings this year! I'm a bit over education at the moment! My boys don't mind - one even wagged his prizegiving (school has no idea if you turn up or not basically, so i gave him permission!). The last child finishes this Tuesday. Lucky them.


  1. happy last week of school xxx here's to holidays and returned library books (whatever they are!) x

  2. I'm a wagger of end of year functions too. Ours is called a thanksgiving concert and I'm thankful that we don't go. That walking path looks nice. Great bunting.