Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

sweet things - mostly

I am partaking in the Vintage Purls Knit-a-long on Ravelry - I am attempting the "Little Skater" gloves. A lot of new things in the pattern for me like provisional cast on and making a hem and stranding, but I think I'm up for it. Six weeks to knit them - should be fine! I've 20 hours of plane flights coming up!
So I had to run into Spotlight to buy 2 circular needles in sizes I didn't have... and wool fell into my basket and then some fabric fell in too - mostly all on special. Two of the fabric lines are organic too - I see more skirts and more pyjama pants in my life soon!

What didn't make me happy at all last night was attempting to use my new wool winder to wind a ball of divine Vintage Purls sock wool up. Somewhere I went very badly wrong. I was distraught basically. A gorgeous limited edition yarn and I stuffed it up. Badly. It went in the bin. They husband told me to go and buy some more! A good guy. Next time I will use him to help me until I get the hang of this wool winder thingy...


The other, such boring thing, that made me happy today was buying stationery. Even if it was just new school stationery. Those pens are my favourite and I buy two boxes at the start of every year while they are 45% off. Little things that keep me happy. I'm pleased we don't need much stationery - this came in at like $25 a kid which is fab.

Three weeks of holidays left for me - just over two weeks for 2 kids.

A giveaway I will mention is over at the lovely Amanda's blog. It closes January 5 people, so hop to it. Amanda does amazing crocheting.

Anyone else buying new lovely wool, fabric, stationery?


  1. oooh! use the cheap stuff on the winder until you have the hang of it!!!... I need a new one a "bits" fell off mine! Think I may just carry on winding by hand for a while x Looks like a hefty old amount "fell" into your bag x lol x I have to stay away from the temptation of the sales ... until later in the month when the bills are paid x.. good for you trying something new with the gloves.. will be watching for up-dates x

  2. I just bought a whole lot of fabric from SPOTLIGHT. 50m worth $750.. Got it for $3 pm... Total $150.. But then I had a $50 gift voucher from Xmas... So I only had to spend $100..
    Who hoo. Lucky me....

  3. Your purchases are lovely what bargains you found! Sales can be dangerous places can't they! I had a go with a friend's wool winder I messed up first time but managed to salvage the yarn the second ball was a lot easier, hope you get the hang of it soon :).

  4. I found that I had to keep some tension on the wool that I was winding otherwise it all got caught up, so try keeping it fairly taught - but not too taught of course! I am sure that you will figure it out! xx