Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

woolly things

Tis abit hard to think of woolly things or even do a bit of woolly stuff in this heat. Yesterday after school my car told me it was 35 degrees! It had dropped to 30 degrees when I arrived home. With around 70% plus humidity, that is crazy. I think this has been the summer of little knitting. Well I have knitted the gloves and a hat and some dihscloths, and continued on my Falling Water scarf, but that is not a lot for me!
Dunedin, a week ago, was 10-13 degrees. It was lovely! I was in my element in my new woollen tights, lambswool cardie and light down vest all purchased from Uniqlo in Hong Kong. (oh what a find that shop was for the entire family!).
The township of Clyde (which I could not live in due to the large dam behind it - it would terrify me going to sleep with that volume of water behind the town!!) is gorgeous and with an older part. I'll show you some pics another time of the town. Today I'll show you the pics of the main reason of the visit - Touch Yarns.

I'm super impressed with the husband (well I always am ;) ), as he thought my cousin and I were quite frugal on our trip woolly yarn buying wise. The pic above is both of our wool purchases together. (I did buy 3 more balls in Arrowtown from another fab yearn shop. it gets a lot colder down there, so wool is easy to find!) The top two left balls were purchased from Touch Yarns - one is the only type of its kind in the entire world (well so I was told...) - a possum/silk/merino blend. I will make a shawl or scarf using this. The other is a Black Hills yarn -
see here and here. I really do love buying yarn knowing where it comes from!
Such a fab little shop selling not just wool, but fabric, notions, patterns, kits, garments already made. There is also a divine kitchenware room too! Highly recommended as part of a central Otago road trip!


  1. that shop looks wonderful.. Im amazed you came out with as little as you did! lol x I will stick to the cold and rain .. with occasional warm days xx

  2. Oh yummy!!!! I want all that
    yarn!!!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.