Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A book thing...

I've been buying books - surprise! Ha! NO surprise when I've an enormous budget for school.

Wellington has the BEST book shops (although I recommend The Children's Bookshop in Ponsonby and Time Out in Mt Eden here in Auckland. I have been super frustrated walking into Whitcoulls lately as there seems to be little that I do not have at school! I am a frequent book buyer!).

The Wellington Whitcoulls on Lambton Quay had lots I had never seen but with a 7kg limit on the plane I only bought a few. And Unity Books - now that is a bookshop to die for!!

These were for me...The Joy Cowley one is autographed which excited me!
These were for school -
And then today, while parent-teacher interviews were happening, I took myself off to the mighty little super CHEAP Scholastic bookshop in East Tamaki and bought these - (now i do want to know why there are so many crappy school libraries around when you can honestly get these books for 50 cents to $12.00 each - take off the gst tax and that is cheap! And why many schools spend ZERO money on new library books?????!!!). This lot is $242 which is an incredible bargain - (The Goosebumps were 50 cents each - these are so popular at the moment!!)

Then i got this lovely pile for me for $65 - problem is I have really run out of bookcase space now!
I l-o-v-e buying books! the other problem is I buy them, but never read them... university reading always gets in the way! Even better when you are buying for 600 students and trying to install a love of reading into them. We have over 200 new books in the library already this year - few schools would match that!

Any favourite new books anyone has bought lately?


  1. Your library must surely be one of the best - the best?!!! - in the country!! So many great books and up to date new books to enjoy, if I was a child at your school I would be in my element! Wonderful!! Keep doing a great job! xx

    1. The IBBY (International Board of Books for Young People) from Switzerland were in it the other day having a look :) - the library might be chosen as a tour stop for hundreds of international delegates at a major conference in August!

  2. My son loved reading the goosebumps books when he was in school. They are great. One of my grandsons loves reading and he is so happy when he does. It's great to see

  3. I does seem to take someone with a passion for books to run a library, and you definitely have that passion Kimberley. We used to run a scholastic book fair at Rachel and Jack's old primary school during the parent evenings. We always sold lots of books and received an amazing amount of commission to buy books for the school. I did used to love working out the amount and telling the school how much they had to spend. It was always wonderful to see the new books in the library and being read by the children.

  4. A gorgeous picture book I've bought for a friend recently is Newspaper Hats by Phil Cummings about a grandad with dementia. So lovely x

  5. I would love to buy all those books or be in the position to buy and share the love of reading :)

  6. I love books too Kimberley as you know, and your great enthusiasm for books and reading really shines through in this post! X