Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 7 March 2016

Send us our Country Swap parcel

Hooray for doorbell rings on Saturday morning at 8am and finding a brown paper wrapped package from Ellie. Ellie was my partner in my "Send us Your Country" swap. She is much more super organised than me, although my package to her is sitting here already to send. Just need to get to the post office.
The good husband bought me a cup of tea while I opened my presents. It really was like my birthday as Ellie sent wonderful items which were just ME! A perfect, perfect package!

We have divine writing paper sets (hooray!) which I adore and sweet notecards. I write to penfriends every week and writing paper/notecards is incredibly (stupidly) hard to find in New Zealand! There are a few patterned notepads at $2 shops (I've had them all!) - no notecards at all! and at our two main bookshop chains you can find a few things but at silly prices. It is very very hard to find sets like this. Big smile here!

I love the retro magnet of Lincolnshire and the UK one (flag referendum going on here to ditch the Union Jack from our flag - it is a stupid $26 million process....). Would love to collect the entire UK series of these retro magnets. Love all the postcards too and the photo cards. Lincolnshire is an area of the UK we never got to - it looks fabulous with all its history!

Look at the incredible bracelet Ellie made. I wore it to school today and had many compliments. One of my favourite colours - I have orange dresses and tops and shoes, so it goes perfectly! It if made from orange quartzite and faceted carnelian.

I love the little K ceramic tile/magnet - made by Lizzie Brown Ceramics.

I adore the felted heart also made by Ellie and the super cool thing about this is that the Lincolnshire longwool decoration base wool is from Ellie's sister's sheep! That really tickled me pink!

Last but not least is tea and a tea towel - I'm a tea towel girl and have quite a collection. I will make the recipe one day too. You can never go wrong with tea for me either.

Thank you so much Ellie for such a cleverly curated swap package from your town/country - I love how many things are local to Lincolnshire and also handmade. A super duper much loved and appreciated parcel!


  1. Dear Kimberley
    I am so pleased you liked the gifts. I really enjoyed putting the parcel together for you. I am sometimes guilty of taking the area in which I live for granted, so it was lovely to focus on all the good things it has to offer. Thanks too for organising the swap!
    Best wishes

  2. What wonderful things Ellie sent to you! How very kind and lovely that it was all so personal for you and from her part of the world too! Lovely! xx

  3. What lovely things to receive, I'm posting my parcel out this coming weekend xx

  4. I was lucky enough to have Ellie as my partner in the Send a little love swap & she always sends a wonderful parcel. Any one who gets her as a partner is indeed lucky. You also received beautiful gifts.

  5. Well I think I got a few ideas for our swap from reading this

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