Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Knitting mojo is back

For some reason, I did very little knitting in the first few months of this year. Not really sure what I've spent the first half of this year doing (travel! Lots of it - little trips here and there), but I'm glad to say my knitting mojo is back. This never stopped me buying wool though!

There are socks... I've knitted 7 in about 3 weeks - half pairs though, as I was too impatient to see how the Drops Fabel sock wool knitted up! I still can't get over how cheap it was (the current price is still cheap to me; the sale price was incredible and with the pound dropping, it is even a better bargain for us kiwis!).

Do not like this one, so the pair will be gifted to a friend:

Love both of these:

And this is my first sock I've ever knitted with contrasting cuffs, heels and toes and I love them! I used New Zealand Waikiwi (with possum!) for the main bit and some Misti Alpaca left over from another project for the contrast.
Along with a hat and another shawl, I'm currently knitting this Waverly Weekend Cowl.
And there have been an obscene number of peggy squares for blankets for the City Mission (a charity) plus rather a few dishcloths done too...

study is fab for knitting!!
It is GREAT to have a life again and not feel guilty about anything/doing stuff instead of studying....


  1. That's a good amount of knitting.
    I do like the first pair of socks. Lucky friend.
    I still wear mine all the time. So thanks...

  2. Seven socks in three weeks is impressive x

  3. Wow, your knitting needles must be red hot, Kimberley!

  4. Enjoy your knitting! Your socks look great don't they.

  5. Enjoy your time without feeling guilty! Beautiful knits! X