Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Things here

We are heading into week 8 of a 10 week term. Time has gone really fast.

This means there are 3 weeks left of the eldest's high school life! After that it is revision for A levels and then the A level exams. He'll finish his last exam on November 18 and then will be totally free until university starts in early March 2017. He will have one 2 hour school prize giving and possibly a year 13 dinner to attend and that is it for his high school. No such graduation as such as students in New Zealand never find out grades achieved from the previous year until late January the following year - long after high school is over. It is simple. And low key. We probably won't even do much celebrating - you just finish high school here and that is it. No family dinners, no gifts, wider family won't even realise it has even happened - it truly is such a non-event!

We've had to make a decision on the next school for the year 8 - it has nearly killed me. He'll be going to the local over-rated grammar school, where we'll see  how he goes. A massive jump with around 570 year 9 students expected. I suspect we may be making the wrong decision, but can move him back to his current school if it does not work. Some kids just do not fit the education system, no matter where they go. He is one of them.

I've been managing work hours over 4 days - pretty full on and manic. And Fridays off for study. Has taken a bit of getting used to. Lots of walking around the house, but other than one impulse hour long shopping trip, I've stayed put and tried to work really hard. It is relentless doing a 30 hour work week and a 25 hour study week. It never ends. Today I've yelled at most in the house, all due to one essay which I'm not happy about... I am better for having the day off work too.

The house does look tidier at the weekends. We get fruit and veges delivered which is fab! We seem to be sorting life out pretty well and staying on top of things. Without the stress of the year 8's education (and my essays!)  life would be a real breeze, but I hope going to a less intense and pressurised environment will help us all.

I'm not doing much letter writing, but am reading more. Knitting is off and on. Tv watching still does not happen. Vege gardening needs to happen. And I need to stay home and try not to travel anywhere for a few months I think!

Heading into spring - loving my tulips and daffodils a lot!


  1. Busy busy busy. Don't get too stressed out . It makes things work. Remember some time to rest...make care

  2. You are spinning a lot of plates! :-) All the best for the next short season up to the end of the year x

  3. Finishing high school is a bit of a non-event here too. That's ok with me.
    Those tulips are absolutely stunning. I'm hit and miss with growing tulips usually miss. Might try pots next time.
    Take care. xo

  4. We're heading into autumn at full speed.... it is good to see your tulips and daffodils. When I was studying and working, I put in 20 min bursts of house work to lighten things up on study days. Breaks the routine and refreshes concentration. Hope you are happier with your essay by now. I have a child who doesn't fit into the school system so well. It can be tiring. Wishing your boy good luck with the new school. x

  5. I hope his new school suits him.