Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 26 November 2016

a day immersed in wool

I woke up yesterday and on impulse spent the entire day (it really, truly did take all day long!) sorting out my wool and adding it all to my Ravelry Library (I'm "KimberleyA" on there if you want to look a wee peek :) ).

I'm so happy - still a bit to load - but it has really given it a big sort out; plys are stacked together; I know exactly what I have (4 jersey/cardigan lots which is fab to know) and it all looks tidy and less de-cluttered now!

The funny thing is that the husband came home for lunch - the look on his face was absolutely priceless! I think he was saying "why on earth do you want more wool for your birthday next week?".... and other things ;).

I've also found a grand pile of works in progress - some things were knitted, just never stitched up! I spent last night doing that and now have a few things I can use for Christmas gifts too! Yay!

I still believe there is always more divine wool to be bought... ;)


  1. Oh wow. That's a lot. Reminds me of my fabrics... have fun

  2. What a wonderful day to spend a day! This week I received 3(!!!) big bags from the Wool Warehouse in the UK filled to the brim with new sock yarn and crochet wool,can't wait now until my Christmas holidays start to get some new projects underway. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day, re-loving your yarn stash. I did make a start on adding my stash to Ravelry a while ago, but then got distracted by what I was adding and cast on with some of it, lol. I love the way you're storing your yarns, they look so tidy and colourful......mine are in large plastic boxes at the moment, I have an irrational fear of moths chomping their way through my lovelies.

  4. now that is a wonderful place to be!!! loved seeing your stash :)

  5. Oh wow. That's a lot. Reminds me of my fabrics... have fun
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