Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 26 December 2016

Boxing Day looks like...

Boxing Day (December 26) looks like this here...

 A kid on his new bike (first new bike ever for this kid, as he has only ever had hand-me downs

 Knitting "Falling Water" - so close to the end! Taken about 15 months to get this far!
 summer stitching - so easy after my last project was on 32 count linen!
 Always laundry (and new Christmas clothes being washed!)
 Hydrendras picked from the parent's house
 Christmas reads
 lemon honey made by the twin brother for me for Christmas
Boxing Day shopping - when New Zealand made merino wool tights are $NZ30-50 for ONE pair - it pays to buy them at 50% off sales. I've waited months for this. Some of these are gifts too... I bought one book alongside these and skiddaddled out of the shopping centre - I need nothing else!