Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cousins' 24 day Christmas Swap - Days 1 to 5

My cousin Jackie and I decided to do an Advent Christmas swap with each other. I'm in the North Island and she lives in the South Island. The rules were a little gift for 24 days and the total cost of the package had to not exceed $60 (not including postage). So we each got scheming and making and boxes duly arrived at our houses...

This is what I sent

Days 1 to 5 -

Day one, of which I forgot to take a photo, was of shortbread I baked.

This is what arrived at my house....

 Day one - a conference bag which Jackie re-used and stitched - how cool is this?!?! What a great idea!
 Day 2 was my birthday - I cracked up at the muesli - I did get breakfast in bed!
Day 3
Oh this is amazing! I just laughed y head off! Oh YES - I DO keep New Zealand post in business...

Day 4 -
I can never, ever have enough of Lily Sugar-n-cream cotton!

And Day 5 -
All ready in my pencil case for next year's university papers.

It is really cool waking up to cute and useful little gifts each morning!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday.
    Cool idea. The stitched bag is lovely. Some planning ahead must have been required...will store the idea for another year.

  2. What a great idea. You're going to be busy opening gifts for well over a month with the advent swap and the Twelve Days of Christmas swap too.

  3. you and your cousin are doing such a fun thing!! I have some knitting friends in real life and we have the best Christmas exchange ever :)