Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 29 April 2017

Easter Swap 2017

Two more sleeps until Term Two. I'm still battling on the most hideous essay of my university career! HATING it and can't be bothered.... and going back to school after being sick for a week , which just makes me even more resentful at having to go back....

Anyway - cheerier things like my Easter swap happened! I swapped with Glenda, who is a local (and blogless). The funny thing is that all the other participants in my swap - well we'd all swapped with each other pretty recently in various things recently too!

This is the gorgeous package received from Glenda perfectly timed. Lots of lovely packagin!

 a very cute vintage tin with choc eggs inside
 a porcelain bunny (still sitting on my window sill currently)
 Glenda made these plaster decorations herself - aren't they fab?
 vintage stickers and envelopes (also made by Glenda)
 serviettes (ha - we sent each other identical ones!) and I love my new coasters!

Every year I always pop along to the Bed Bath and Table shop and always find a few new goodies for me and other people -  I can never go past their tea towels, so Glenda received one from me...

 some cute measuring spoons and a bunny ornament..
 a wire basket; chocolate chic and snap serviettes
 And I also knitted her a bunny rabbit dishcloth!

Easter seems ages ago now - I wish the school hols were just starting again.... Thank you so much Glenda for being an awesome swap partner once again!


  1. Really love those measuring spoons and the fab dishcloth

  2. What a fabulous swap. I love those measuring spoons, so cute, and so is the tea towel. You both did very well.

  3. What lovely things! I hope that you are back in the swing of things again and enjoying it!