Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 13 October 2017

Books, books, books

Books and stationery are tow of my most favourite things. I'm in the middle of doing a giant book cull - some are going into a few school libraries, as read once by me and in mint condition and others are going into little street libraries.

These are a few just bought by me still to read (never ending story of my life....)

A couple from Tescos (oi - books are SO CHEAP in England - and Australia! - to me. Lucky ducks!) still to read (or even open - for after exam! I've willpower!!)

School kindly gave me a generous voucher as a going away gift - these 2 are books I've bought with that so far - I adore Pig the Pug and every primary school child in NZ should own Gavin Bishop's Aotearoa - it is a work of art!

And these are gems - I would wear everything in both - just need to learn how to trace patterns and start sewing in November. Picked up from the Book Depository and for the amount of patterns one gets in both books, they are incredible value!

And another leaving gift from an ex workmate - I'm a paper person. I was thrilled with this, as will have a very full on year at university next year and can write all my assignment due dates etc in it! This is an awesome gift for me! The staff member wasn't sure how I'd take such a gift, but it is so me - large and easy to find in a bag! I've never used an electronic diary for my personal life!

And I've a growing pile of Australian book titles to buy in Australia - first trip coming up shortly!

What's on your bought/ to buy/ read lately pile? I'm only reading university stuff at the moment, but keen to get stuck into all of these here! Man will I MISS book buying for a school !!

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  1. I love books and stationery too. I don't actually keep many books due to lack of space, just a few favourites, but bookshops are my favourite places, I could spend hours in there.