Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Road trip through country Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Oh I love Australia! I really think i should have been born there ;) And I always wonder why we left there 15 years ago to come back and live in New Zealand. Oh well. I can visit 1-2 times a year and get the best of both worlds!

We got out of the Gold Coast (as lovely as the sunshine and beaches are and hey the traffic isn't even a problem, the skyscrappers and touristy junk are really not my thing). Still giggling over what constitutes clothing in some parts of town!

We drove the inner route inland to see the real Australia - I don't feel pressured driving anywhere there - they are a lot stricter with rules/speed limits etc I think!

We came across the border from Queensland into New South Wales in the middle of some forest...

A school with yarn bombing outside it...

Paddocks and paddocks and paddocks of corn...
A country town that was like a real country town with everything one might need in shops that disappeared from other high streets centuries ago (Murwillambah)

Then onto the such a cute town of Brunswick Heads with an awesome little library and fabulous bakery/cafe. I imagine this little town might get over run in the weekends...
And onto Bryon Bay. I've visited it once and I doubt I'll go back. Now the roads... the state of the roads horrified us... third world really! Apparently they are behind withe maintenance schedule and s shortage of funds. For a place which is a tourist mecca, it was incredible to see! And the numbers of people there were incredible and we were out of high season - I *hate* to see this place over summer - I think it would be gridlock hell.
There is where I put my bikini on and swam in the gorgeous warm sea (between the flags of course!!)
Then it was a drive over to the lighthouse and Australia's most easterly point on the mainland ( I guess they don't count Norfolk Island!)

Fabulous views.
Lots of surfers.

it's now nearly 2018 and this bit was just starting to be fixed.... It was hilarious. And this was in the country - not even the township bit!

A nice little day trip seeing a bit more of the massive country!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. You're so lucky to be able to visit Australia so often.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it. I haven the been to Byron Bay. I think too hippey for me... So I've heard...