Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 5 January 2018

Stitching Santa Swap

I took part in Sewchet's Stitching Santa swap last Christmas. I signed up for both the sewing and the knitting versions and then got busy making and buying themed things. Who we were sending to, was different to whom we received from. I know one recipient has received my parcel - I've no idea about the other person. One who sent my knitting package is anonymous but is a fellow kiwi from the South Island and I knew the awesome person who sent me my sewing package (it's a small world!). So i won't show you what i sent to either of my partners just yet.

These were the sweet gifts from my fellow kiwi - a hug bunny is a fab idea; fabulous scissors; a bright crocheted shawl and angora mohair - very pretty colours. I've never knitted with mohair, so that will be something new! Thank you so much anonymous! They are talented as I'm pretty sure painted the notecards too - some of which I've already sent to penfriends.

As soon as my other parcel arrived, I clicked to the name on the package, as we had been partners in a blog swap a year or two back. Ellie made the most gorgeous fabric bag which is now on a dresser full of sewing bits and pieces.

 Inside were lots of little goodies - notecards (I *adore* english stationery), a notebook (perfect for uni as Ellie says on her blog), one of her gorgeous felted hearts, hot chocolate sachets, ribbon, cotton, fabric (nice and brith) and cotton.
 look a the fabulous fabric -

Thank you Ellie and anonymous  and Sheila of Sewchet for such a fabulous swap! I'll show what I sent my recipients soon.


  1. those scissors are beautiful! they look antique :) looks like you received a lovely package!