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Creative Chaos

Sunday 3 November 2019

this is the other part of New Zealand

this breaks my heart - a 5 year old not being present for 2.5 months already in his first year of school.
This shows a country where there IS poverty; families who are struggling to rent; struggling to have one million dollars to buy a damn ordinary house in the biggest city in the country; families who can not afford basic health care/ a visit to the doctor; families with little support; families with little money to buy a school uniform or lunches; families who actually work full time, but can't afford basics.
The answer might be to move out of the big smoke, go to a smaller town, but will they get a job, away from family support, go to schools who have language weeks, have another student in their school who speaks their heritage language etc etc.
I don't know how to help at all,; this is impossible to keep a student where they need to be academically and socially. It's a NZ wide issue, but i still think most kiwis are in la-la land over poverty/costs in the expensive parts of NZ for just daily things!
It's far from an equal society or even a society which offers the same equitable experience!
Things ARE improving with the government in power, but i also see daily battles and too many needing help, and there is not enough help...

teachers take the brunt for too much, as do little 5 year olds who have no say in being put in a postion out of their control.....


  1. It is scary that in 2019 this type of situation is present in many 'rich' countries including the UK where I live

  2. It is so frustrating to try and teach and care for these little ones when they are not in school. I think it happens over here in the US, well at least for all those poor children taken from their parents at the border, yup that is still going on.

  3. It's a sad situation, one which happens in places you wouldn't think it would. You tend to think of poverty in poor countries but there's so much poverty throughout the world.

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