Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 9 October 2011

Kuala Lumpur

Sitting on the floor at Kuala Lumpur airport. Just told boys to go to sleep was we seem to be keeping on being delayed, delayed, delayed due to too much air traffic in area.
Had a fantastic time! Very easy city to get around - fast train direct into KL Sentral and from there light rail over to the Petronas Towers. We sent the day walking through the 6 levels of shops - barely bought a thing apart from water and food - very cheap! Haven't spent all my ringitt either!
Architecture is stunning - very interesting train ride - all of a sudden huge complexes of flats in the middle of nowhere, lots and lots of plantations and lots of concrete houses. Poverty looks to be rife. But I must say I know very little about Malaysian culture.
Towers are being renovated, so we were unable to go right to the top. Walked around the extremely busy aquarium - very cool.
Coped with temperatures - a big shock walking outside into the heat at first.
Bit of a bugger with Joshua being diagnosed with a chest infection only hours before we flew out ( and we still got on the plane against medical advice!) - he is tired.
Allof us slept really wellon first flight and I am hoping it happens again on this sector!
We all had a lie down for a couple of hours - blow me down - we were all asleep within 5 minutes of that. Fought to wake Ryan and Joshua up.
Off to Amsterdam - yippee.


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