Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 23 October 2011

Time flies when you are having fun!

Wow! Weeks have flown past!! Jet lag 1 it is 3.35 am! We all did so well yesterday - up at around 8 am and mostly all asleep 12 hours later. Husband impressed with our stamina!

Spent day clearing out the house for the school gala on Nvember 12. Am trying to be very very ruthless and yesterday even went up into the attic to see if I really did need all of that "stuff". Stuff has appeared downstairs and in bags - yay says the husband! Trying to live without so much is good!

Husband impressed me yesterday with his comment " well you didn't spend that much money"! I am impressed! 2 weeks running around The Netherlands and Belgium and a day in Kuala Lumpur.
All brilliant! Thrilled at how hard it wasn't to travel alone with 3 children in tow! I can go anywhere - don't need the husband ! Hee hee.

Highlights -
seeing brother and family again.
Watching 8 year old niece read and read and read and read.
Utretch - ditch Amsterdam everyone and go there instead!
Cyclist friendly country.
Oliver's - incredible food/ drink in a church - a hidden church!
Coping very well I thought with 3 children alone!
High speed train between NL and Belgium.

Lowlights -
Not enough time to see everything.
Camper shoes being the outrageous price we pay down under - I had really hope they would be way cheaper!!!
13 year old getting chest infection hours before we flew out! Ba humbug!!!
Running too fats around IKEA and not having enough time to look at fabric.

More tomorrow people!

Will add some photos
Staying a few nights with Belgium pen friend.

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