Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 25 March 2012

Busy weekend

Had my school gala yesterday - first one that the school has ever had
to my knowledge. It was fine weather -
Hooray! The gala went very well -
Quite a bit left over , so I will ring the Salvation Army tomorrow to get it picked up.

It has been great to spend an entire day at home today - we have been
so manic with things! I have been
cleaning the new bathrooms now that everything is finished. Husband has
our up shelves and coat racks and it
is all looking fab!
In have the 2nd quote for curtains
coming this week - yowsers said the husband on the first quote!
Sisal carpet chosen - just need toilet Carpet One know what we want, get it picked up and husband works with a
guy who is a carpet layer in a previous life. He can lay it in 2-3 hours hopefully this week!
We then just need guttering and we are finished!!! 4 months it had taken!
School hols in 2 weeks , so that will be
a job sorting rooms!

I've been making pj pants this last week - my favourite lion print ever for me ; sneakers for middle child and blue
ships for younger child. Very disappointed at slack selection at Spotlight. Elder child wants to sew his own again this year, but need a better selection of fabric!

Made chocolate self saucing pudding for dinner tonight - yum! We hardly ever do dessert!

And the poncho knitting is
coming along nicely!

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  1. I'm hearing you about "holidays in 2 weeks!" Our renos have been going on for 3 weeks now. It's been fabulous but I'm starting to crumble. Just want a chance to stay at home and clean and sort and tidy!