Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 9 April 2012

Holiday time!

Yay - it is the school hols for 2 weeks!
We moved into our new bedroom on Friday and then moved the boys rooms around. Very time consuming sorting out junk, cleaning rooms ( walls, skirting boards, throwing blinds out etc - the full works!). Four days later it is all pretty sorted! So fab for everyone to have their own room!
I even and room to put my stationery bookcase in one corner of the bedroom - hooray! I do a lot of my writing on my bed and it is fab to have everything at my finger tips.
Having a bigger room has allowed a bit more furniture in here too , but j am trying not to make it too cluttered. We have moved some other bits of furniture around the house - it is all looking really good!

Have been doing more knitting too - the poncho is coming along! I do need to go into town to the wool shop to get some more Weill for both poncho and Middle child's jersey (which is taking too long to finish!). Might combine it with a trip to the Art Gallery.
Have dragged out the sewing machine and made 3 new pairs of of pants as well. Need to get to a fabric shop too as Eldest child wants to sew his own pants and will wear with merino tops.

Here's to good weather these hols - the Easter weather has been a cracker! I never got around to putting up more Easter decorations - I have quite a gorgeous bunch of stuff too!

Enjoy the hols if you are on them!

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