Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Life gets in the way

Many times I have sat down to blog but then reading other blogs and STUFF gets in the way!
Like my good camera dying after 5 plus years; only having one i - charger for 6 i devices in this house ( where have the others gone???!!!); study - doing my Mauri Ora course through Te Wanaga O Aotearoa and living it but going through bouts of no motivation to study; knitting, knitting and more knitting! ( cardigan for me nearly finished in a month!!!); lots of cooking and baking for me! (husband usually does a lot of it!);
soccer and Futsal and trumpet and drum practices and games ( very time consuming and and lots of exhaustion from battling a child to carry on with activities!!) , cutting out more clothes to sew but not quite getting to the machine and just stuff!
Oh and the hideous job of deciding on a school for the middle child for next year!! Hideous stuff !! Gut wrenching stuff! Makes me think living in a small town would be delightful if only from a school point of view!

Good week though ; work going well and am feeling organized and pretty on top of things there!

And the curtains and blinds arrived today - looking gorgeous ! Whoop whoop!!!

That is life here - how about you??

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  1. Hello Kimberley......and hello from sunny Spain!
    I'm your newest follower and I'm smiling because I know just where you're going where you comment that Life gets in the way. Don't you just feel sometimes that your life is not your own? I often do I fight everyday to have my crochet moments or to post on my blog...tch!! I definitely think quality time is a must!!!

    Amanda :-)

    at Crafty in the Med