Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 13 May 2012


I have been having trouble downloading pics onto the stupid i-pas ( I am sure
I am one of the few in the world who thinks they are totally over - rated) but tonight it worked!

A quiet Mother's Day - we don't really celebrate it - I did get some cards and chocolate , breakfast in bed plus gorgeous stationery from a fab friend Corkie though.
Day was spent starting another knitting project for me - a vest. Another lace pattern which is challenging me but it us okay. Only un - done once!
Some study too and a bit of stationery shopping for me too.
And i made my first ever sponge cake which turned out fab! The MIL popped over for afternoon tea, so I got out some of my bone china and had tea and sponge cake on the deck.
Look how well the vege garden is going too!
And a BIG look at my finished cardigan - I am thrilled! Has taken me 5 weeks from start to finish !
How was everyone's day?


  1. I love the cardigan it's very pretty :)

  2. Just enjoying sticky-beaking your home renovations,looking great.Love the sleeve pattern on your cardi.