Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 18 May 2012


Last week I won tickets to see "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid" author
Jeff Kinney in Sydney, Australia. Talk about a total impulse trip. Managed to talk husband into me taking 2 of he boys with me - a lot of talking due to house renovation costs! - but hey, when would we ever get the chance to see THE biggest author for children again?
I love Sydney - so much to see and do! Kieran was in heaven - 2nd visit here in a year and it was Ryan's first ever
visit. The city did wow them -
From he transport, to tall buildings, to the volume of people, to the Opera
House , to the Powerhouse Museum ( great museum!). You can burn through so much money there. Just a quick
shop at Gap ( not in NZ ) and Myer and
then hours walking.

Total thrill at listening to Jeff - big inspiration who really is just a regular guy who struck it lucky! The books were intended for adults !
The line to meet him and get books signed was HUGE and I mean huge!!!
I was very cheeky and bowled up and
said boys had by then been up for 20 hours and we queue jumped! Yes we did! They were walking zombies and there is now way they could queue for another hour.
Nice guy - boys thrilled! Worth the travel!
I love travel - really want to spend a
good week or more in Sydney - it is such a beautiful city - easy to get around. And it was warm at 21
degrees. Back to sideways rain here and a lot cooler.

Kieran came down with high temps mid afternoon and I struggled to keep him awake till the airport. Day off school -
Not what I was planning!

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