Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Not home alone

I have been having so much trouble with my silly I-pad to the point I nearly gave it to one of the children! I hate the thing and think they are so over rated ! I want a good old-fashioned desk top. My cellphone died too and nearly 2
weeks in I do not know what to buy! Have been using the nearly 14 year old's old one.
Good camera died too, so using one if the kid's one as well. I would like a really good camera- might wait till my birthday!

Husband has been home for a couple of weeks. We have done lots - he has built our new garden shed from scratch - done a great job! Vege garden is blooming! I've been studiously working away on my professional registration for my library qualification which has to be
Done every 3 years - from where I stand it is bloody harder than what a school teacher has to prove! I have my next lot of assignments due in in 2 weeks for my other course - the motivation has not been grand for that!

I have been watching a bit if the Olympics - I never watch tv but with the knitting needles flying , it is good, yay for our men's equestrian team and their bronze medal!

Husband taking me out to dinner tonight - out of the blue! He even organized a baby sitter - what a guy! In 2 weeks time we will have a 14 year old and legally won't need a babysitter ... Hmmm - one or two if the kids might try and kill each other ????

I must make this blogging a daily habit!

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