Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 9 August 2012

Peaceful unplanned day at home

The books are piling up at school - blitzes a trolley of shelving yesterday but at end of day, all piled up again.
An unplanned at home due to a nasty woman's complaint , so knitting, watching Olympics and dashing to the loo - sigh. So not impressed with myself! Could not get into doctor's till later today.
Had all my hair cut off the past weekend and hairdresser discovered that I have numerous bald patches, so need to get that checked out too - wow!
I possibly need to slow down - winter sports nearly over and just a few more days till my next assignment is due!

Until then it is trying to stay watered up, eat decent food ( as she sits down with a mallow puff and cup of tea!) and chill! And get the kids into bed earlier - the Olympics have thrown us all out sleepwise! One child had been staying up past midnight on the weekends!

Off to attempt to cable!!!!

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