Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 29 October 2012

Auckland Marathon

Kieran and his friends took part in the Auckland Marathon yesterday.
They run 40km in the weeks leading up to the marathon and then do the final 2'km on the day.
Over 16,000 ran yesterday and 1200 of these in the kid's marathon.
Kieran came 107th out of 1200 kids in 9 minutes 34. Last year he raced it in 11 minutes and came in the mid 300s!

It is a very picturesque course around Auckland City/ Wynyard Quarter area.
Silly me left the camera in the car, so missed the chance of getting some decent photos of him running! Grrrhhh

He is so fit and leaves me for dead! Hopefully he will take part next year, either as an individual or as part of his new school! He wants to keep on running at home too!

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