Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 3 November 2012

Sewing hats

This Christmas I am going low-key with gifts. I hate spending hours walking around shops and figuring out what to buy for people, so I decided to make hats for a few people. We do not spend a lot of money on our immediate family and on my side we only buy for children now. In Stephen's family, we draw one name and buy that person one $50 gift and that is it! We usually do ask them want they want.

So I am sewing hats - i have made 3 already today and am thrilled with how they have turned out! Not the best photo of me though!

I also did some shopping for several swaps I am taking part in - I love making little things and doing swaps with people from around the world. My swaps this year are in USA, Australia (2) and NZ. It is fab to have found a NZ swap too!

Now only to decide what to get my own children for Christmas. The soccer mad one is easy- the other 2 not so easy!

Are you doing any swaps this year?
How do you decide family Christmas present buying?

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  1. WOW, you are clever to make your own hats. I'd never attempt a hat. I've not had much luck with my sewing recently so a hat is off the agenda.
    Anne xx