Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 8 November 2012

9 years old

Happy birthday to our 9 year old! What a crazy, full on confident child we have. Right from day one - boom! This child knows what he wants and will get it and do what he wants! A kid with spunk and such a strong willed personality, most people do not know what hit them.
I think he has given his school a few lessons - he won't conform and never will - as long as you know that, you will be fine! Be fair with him - he will tolerate boundaries and he will be fair
and caring back!
Would be nice to go to bed earlier, but he has not gone to sleep before 9pm since he was 4..... He listens and listens to books on cd at night time.
A fab kid! Happy birthday!

Some of my favourite ever photos of him! Crumpets bangles anyone ?
Milo out of the packet on the bench?
Eggs though the fridge?
Muesli on the floor?
(a real tactile kinesthetic learner this one!

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