Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 28 December 2012

Done and dusted

Well another Christmas done and dusted. And I will say this one was good! In- laws on Christmas Eve with lemon posset (looked and tasted amazing - I adore my old teacups and have a great collection as well as a bit of portmeirion) and pavlova.
Christmas Day with the parents and mother in law. BBQ with prawns, lamb rack , sausages and spinach, feta and pine nut salad ( a recipe. Great recipes on her website!) and a rice salad too. Dessert was my mum's trifle and fruit salad and a couple more lemon possess. Yum.
We got our tree only a week before Christmas after school had broken up. Then the husband and I went out for the night and came home to a superbly decorated tree done by the it's. It's fantastic - the best looking tree we have had in many many years.
Of course filled up with a new collection of divine handmade decorations too.

I am thrilled with my gifts too - will take a photo for another time.

Now we are spending days at home and giving the garden a really good makeover! Long over due. We have been taking walks around the neighbourhood when it is cooler at night getting inspiration.

How was your Christmas?

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