Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 1 December 2012

Ironing Board Cover

Impulse ironing board cover sewing today. My old one was getting pretty grotty, so instead of wasting money on a Chinese made one, I whipped a new one up tonight!
I basically turned my ironing board upside down and cut a piece of fabric out around the board!
I then just zig zagged all the way round the fabric (a lovely floral Japanese tawn), sewed a hem ( not even folding hem under like I usually would do!) and then threaded elastic through!
I am thrilled with how it has turned out! It looks so much better now! I just put the new cover over the old one - the old one had a batting underneath. I might even make a few for Christmas gifts ( but obviously sew a neater hem). I have seen tutorials for an elastic casing joined onto fabric, but don't think this is necessary as it all looks the same once on the ironing board!
My list of hats, shower caps and now ironing board covers makes for easy gifts!
I think I may have started a wee bit of fabric hoarding now... Yikes!


  1. Looks brilliant, that's on my list of jobs to do too, I have made one before just need to find the time to make this new one now!

  2. Looks fab,I should have a go,I have a plain Chinese one too!

  3. My Mum needs a new ironing board cover and as her board is quite old and wide they don't make covers large enough to fit now. One of the last things I did before I left Mum's was to make a pattern with newspaper by turning the ironing board upside down as you explained and drawing around the board. It's on my to do list. Thanks so much for this great idea.
    Anne xx