Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 7 December 2012

Sitting here

So it is 8.25 am. I am due at school in half an hour, like the 9 year old. (2 totally different schools half an hours drive between them.)
But that child is still fast asleep. Discovered at a very ungodly hour playing on his I- pod! Now no- one can wake him up as the kid probably has only had about 6-7 hours sleep.
So I am letting him sleep in and face the consequences. The first one will be going into tell his principal why he is late and that he is making his mother late to her school.
( I am down to 364 lost library books which is the best ever in school history .... And well we will not discuss the number lost from the Resource Room...)
It is not a good day for consequences as it is my work Christmas dinner - in our neighbourhood thankfully - and we were going to get the 14 year old to babysit... Now this might cause a few too many fights over a computer if we take the said I-pod of the 9 year old..
He is a night owl and has never gone to sleep before 9pm since he was about 4.... But the I-pod will doubt of his room now at night time. I had only just bought them all docking stations too, to stop the fights over my i chargers continuously disappearing.

You just can't win with parenting some days can you?!

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  1. Oh dear, one of those days when parenting is definitely proved to be the hardest job on earth. Consequences for actions...the best way to handle it. Good luck with the lost books too.
    Anne xx