Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 5 January 2013


The decorations are coming down tomorrow. We decorated a lot more than last year , but it still wasn't a lot.
I have had this collection of nutcrackers for a few years now - a few are from USA but the vast majority are from K- Mart and Farmers - two stores in NZ. They were on our old tv cabinet in the front hallway this year - tomorrow that horrible piece of furniture will be gone and I will have an empty hallway for the first time in months! One day I would like a small hallway table. In the meantime, the hallway needs an urgent paint!
I made the Santa at a class when I was living in Melbourne back in 2002. I still adore it.
The houses are advent calendars from Phoenix stationery - they bring a new town house out every year now.
The table cloth was given to me from my grandmother - I think it was made in Hungary.
And I had 23 Christmas cards this year - hee hee. Very very few New Zealanders send or exchange cards - I love them , still post a pile out myself with my yearly letter. I love getting cards and yearly letters back in return.
I will miss the pine smell in the house.


  1. Hi Kimberley, your Christmas decorating is lovely. I think most of our Christmas cards came from my daughters' school friends but I love getting them in the mail. I really like those advet houses and I'm going to check out Phoenix stationery.
    BTW I tried to email you with my address to exchange letters but I'm not sure if it got to you. I'll try again.
    happy 2013,

  2. Lovely Christmas decorations, very impressive collection of nutcrackers!

  3. My son would be very envious of your nutcracker collection.