Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Summer haze

The days seem to be passing in a blur. Some days I find it hard to get motivated to do anything!
I can say that the house has had a jolly good sort out and the pile for an op shop at the front door is growing.
I have also been loading stuff onto Trade Me to make a bit of pocket money. I have even opened a new bank account for me to try and save a bit of dollars this year. Last January 1st I started a piggy bank where every coin was dropped into it over the year. This will be the starter for the bank account!
And I have been doing lots of scrapbooking and hours of sorting through photos. It is fantastic to have a good sort and cull of these too and make a framework of what I would like future layouts to be. I have made a good number of pages which just now need the journalling. But I have packed it all away now to try and concentrate on other stuff.
I like to do a summer cross stitch but don't seem to have the motivation to start one as yet - instead trying to finish a sock and have started another two dish cloths.

I got some gorgeous gifts for Christmas - my favourites are pearl ear-rings and a decent phone from husband ; plus this gorgeous knitting bag which I absolutely adore from my mother in law - top gift!! ; plus my dear mum made me a pot older which I am so thrilled with too! Plus mum gave numerous sewing things like needles and quilt pins and pins etc - a good stock for me!
I also bought myself a Kikki K mug and bowl plus a beautiful cushion with Auckland volcanoes on it and a groovy kiwi made from a vintage NZ blanket. My parents have the same blanket at their house.

I am thrilled to have booked an impulse trip to Sydney in early March - my best friend from Melbourne texted me yesterday saying she missed me - awwh- and wanted a meet up in either NZ or Sydney late Feb/ early March. So I went on line and booked and yippee - a totally free flight with air points - yippee! Krispy will sort out accommodation and possibly a show - she used to live in Sydney, soi am looking forward to seeing Sydney from her view point!

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