Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

One of those days

It has been one of those days when I have not been motivated to do much at all. The husband says I am ready to go back to school! We still have 2 weeks left of holidays...
I did go and pick up the last few times of school uniform needed ($600 worth of stationery, uniform and textbooks is pretty cheap to me! We had a lot of the textbooks already and some uniform to pass down to the next child.)
Other than that I have spent the day trying to get a 9 year old awake - he woke at 6 am and then went back to bed at 11am and was still sleeping at 2.30pm... Boy are we going to have to work on the back to school schedule very soon!!!
And a run in to the post office and an impulse trip to Typo - cute lunchbox notes in a lovely brown paper bag ( I will use them for other things too!) washi tape (some only $2 - I will go back and get more for gifts/swaps), a travel diary (not going anywhere but for $5... , again could get one or two more for gifts!), airmail sticky notes, and such sweet Peanuts and Seven Dwarfs notepads, plus a set of Peanuts exercise books which I didn't exactly need. Actually I didn't really need any of this stuff.

It cheered me up! I have to have my professional library registration journal in - I discovered last night it was due on December 30 .... I was in tears. Rang them up today and all is fine! A last few hours work tonight and I will e- mail it off! It has killed me (especially with my low pay I wonder why I do it sometimes ! An 18 year old kid in Australia working in McDonalds earns more than me..... But I do love my job!)

And a bit more sock knitting, cross stitch and library book reading. The boys have entertained themselves!!!

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