Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 14 January 2013

Re-usable supermarket bag swap

Now- if there is something I really love, it is re- usable supermarket bags! Thinking about Valentine's Day (not that we really celebrate it!), and trying to think of a swap I could do for the first time, I decided on supermarket bags! I love them and they are a useful item. We are within walking distance of a supermarket, so can sometimes pop up every second day (especially for cider or beer in this humid weather!!).

So , if you would like to swap a supermarket bag, just add an comment! Please leave an e- mail address if you do not have a blog. I will make this a long closing date of January 31 and if we can all have our bags sent before the end of February. I will match everyone up by February 6. Being that is is the month of love next month, if you would like to throw in something "heart" related into the bag, that would be fun too!
Please state if you want to post worldwide too or just within your own country - please state your country! (although being down under I don't think I have many NZ followers - well I myself am trying to get more followers :). )

Please add a link to this blog post too - more taking part, the merrier! I will be the 14 year old to design a button - bit beyond me :)

The bags in the photo are a mixture of Cath Kidston Tescos bags (recycled out of drink bottles!) - Tescos would have to be my favourite supermarket ever! - , NZ Trelise Cooper ones from Countdown Supermarket and a hessian Coles supermarket one (Australian supermarket.)
These are all rather the posher bags really - you can just send a stock standard supermarket one!
(I think all my plain ones must be in my car boot!)


  1. I'm in Kimberley. I'll post anywhere. I'm not sure if there any exciting shopping bags or even moderately nice ones around here but I'll see what I can come up with. And I will spread the word too (though my readership is not too huge).

  2. What a practical swap! I could always do with more bags. I found my way here via Sunny Corner Farm.

    I'm in Victoria, i'll send anywhere is Oz. I'll try and recruit my followers too.