Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wonder of Karekare

A few days spent (Internet and cell phone free!) at our bach at Karekare beacon Auckland's West Coast. Just a 40 minute drive from home , but another world. I wore travel sickness bracelets to try and stop the car sickness and I drove too. ( I even drove back to Henderson to go to the Knit World wool sale and spent a nice sum of money on LOTS of wool!).

Days spent at the Bach reading (Michael Morpurgo's biography - loved it!!!), finishing a pair of socks for Kieran who is delighted, knitting many many dishcloths - I love a new pattern , and starting a summer cross stitch. And watching kids read, play board games and build meccano models.

A few visit to the beach in rough surf, always swimming between the flags and also a couple of night walks.

I feel refreshed and as if I have had a good holiday!

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  1. wow, it looks like a real break. I love the cross stitch you are doing!