Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 11 January 2013

Over the hill at Piha

We drove over the hill from Karekare to Piha to have dinner at the RSA. Great little place and a cheap meal for 5 of us. At 7pm everyone stopped eating , stood up and remembered those who had fought in many wars. It was pretty cool. We only usually go into RSAs on ANZAC Day and it is a great fundraiser for them to open for meals to visitors. It opens up another dinner venue when travelling away from home too. We had a laugh as there was an S.Atkinson on the life members board too!
Piha is a surfing destination - we were so surprised at how quiet the beach was late afternoon / early evening. Lots of baches were shut up too and the camping ground was half empty as well! Maybe everyone had gone back to work and perhaps we just missed a busy beach night? The streets were deserted - usually you have kids out and about, roaming streets, playing cricket etc...
(2 years ago at the height of the summer hols up in Northland there were plenty of motel rooms etc as well.) Virtually everyone I know is out of town away at the moment.
It was beautiful walking and driving around.

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  1. Hi kimberley looks like your all having a lovely time, just wanted to let you know that Kieran's letter and hats arrived today, Jack was thrilled with the hats thank you and hopefully it won't be to long before he sends a reply back! x