Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 8 March 2013

Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things Swap

I took part in Bobo Bun's Four Happy Things Swap. I was paired with the lovely Amanda from Crafty in The Med. My gorgeous package arrived today - peeked at in the school office so others could see what lovely things I got. The husband has left my camera at his work for the weekend, so I will show you what I received on Monday.

The idea was to find things that our swapee loves. One should be hand made, one vintage, on from our childhood, and one thing in a favourite colour. This is what I sent -

I love chevrons and these bags are a fundraiser at a children's clothing shop Cotton On. (thrilled that later in the year they will sell up to size 14 clothing!)
I made Amanda one of my dish cloths; the chocolate bars are NZ and one of these I had not seen since my childhood - I don't buy a lot of chocolate so it was interesting looking properly in the shops! - ; the blue table mats / serviettes were picked p at an op shop (I really was looking for some embroidered ones, but still have not located any!) and the wool is in one of my favourite colours. Amanda does a lot of amazing crocheting, so I sent a few hooks too - I am always misplacing mine and find like tape measures, you can never have enough! :) ( I haven't crocheted for ages actually but did find a hook n amongst my stationery bookcase only the other day!).
I also sent her some cross stitch aida cloth in a natural colour.
Amanda is a big Winnie the Pooh fan too - I was so surprised at how little WTP products I could find - virtually non existent and only managed to find some rubbers. (erasers.)

I think Amanda is blogging about what I sent her this weekend - I think she liked what I sent!

Very few weekend plans for me - sailing and tramping plans for others.


  1. I am sure Amanda loves what you sent her.

  2. Hi there

    and you'd be more than right about that Shirley

    Amanda did!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)