Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 7 March 2013

This week

A few of us hit with a viral stomach bug thing.
I have now run out of sick leave (tonsillectomy great but used many days.)
Baking melting moments for the first time. Turned out fantastic!
A vege garden doing very very well! Lots of water.
Auckland now officially in a drought.
Cross stitch threads sorted - so happy at this! :) - Bargains from
(a lot cheaper to buy from the UK and get sent over to NZ even including the postage!)
Knitting for the STILL un- named niece who is now 10 days old. We just call her "the kid without a name."Other people have given her their own names.
Have the Easter decoration stuff down from the attic. Still need to display.

Two more days to sign up to my kitchen swap - see here

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  1. Those melting moments look yum! Love the colour for your niece. Our lettuce have probably drowned by now, haven't been able to get outside much to check on them. Yours look so good, totally jealous,ha.