Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bobo Fun's Swap - my goodies

So this is what the lovely Amanda from Crafty in the Med sent me. ( I need to get to the son's laptop as cannot do links on my I- pad- if anyone knows how can they help me?)

I had the package sent to my school and had to open it and have a little peek to show the office staff. I think my overseas mail is the most exciting the school receives - we get courier vans all day long and many books from The Book Depository in England too. :)

The husband had also borrowed my camera for his work and kindly left the camera at his office all weekend too. So here we are now!

Well worth the wait! Amanda lives in the Alicante region of Spain where many oranges are grown so she used this as the main colour of the swap.

Lots of different happy piles with different cross stitch cloth! I love them all - this type of thing can be so hard to find in NZ without a decent drive to a good embroidery shop (which are few and far in between.)So I am delighted at all the different varieties ! And lovely shades of DMC cottons too - yippee - perfect timing with my new DMC boxes to organise all the threads in and I did to have any of the shades either!

Two gorgeous Spanish magnets too - I love regional things like this! Some beads in a sweet container - I will have to do some stitching with beading in it and needles too plus ribbon round every little bundle.

But my most favourite item? The crocheted stationery kit that Amanda crocheted - isn't it stunning? I really love the colour orange and its hues. And look at the amazing crochet flowers on the back? This is the most divine thing I have seen crocheted in a long time!!! ( my nana and mum crocheted a lot - I should show you their work one day!). And so useful for a stationery- a- holic like me!

Thank you so much Amanda for an amazing swap! I am delighted you loved all my goodies too!

And new magazines love - even if we are a few months behind England in getting them! I think Mollie Makes have bought out a baking magazine too and a house one??? I obviously ADORE the stationery cards free with Mollie Makes! I had just bought the book " Granny Chic" in Sydney which they are out of!


  1. What lovely pressies you have received, and all the way from Spain. I love Mollie Makes magazine too, fantastic eye candied pages! Karen x

  2. So very glad you liked everything. I did hesitate about sending you the stiff Waste Canvas for doing cross-stitch on Wool or other garment but it did fit the bill where vintage was concerned. I bought a huge sheet about 20 years ago and have been gradually cutting off squares as I need it. However I don't do a lot of cross-stitch now so I thought you would be able to make use of it.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)