Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 11 March 2013

Drought / weekend

Auckland was last week declared a drought zone. My backyard looks just like my old Melbourne backyard in 1993. Dirt. I would love rain. And boy the heat is killing me too! 30 degrees in mid- March!!??!! Crazy stuff!

Weekend love - making peach chutney and I am so excited about also bottling peaches - crazy excited - hee hee. So proud of myself! They look great - we bought some smart new jars too - we always recycle our jars especially for jam but had a ton of jars without lids - I don't mind cellophane lids on jam but not on chutneys. Our peach tree is a stunner with the best quality fruit due to the heat and dry weather. More bottling next weekend. I also have tomatoes to make our own tomato sauce - I might do this after school tomorrow night.

Stephen made pesto too - all in ice cube trays in our freezer now.

Home made burgers for dinner - we always make out own patties and lettuce from the garden.

And my niece finally has a name - Pippa! I wonder where that moniker came from? ;)
I finished her little cardigan too - a kina. I love it! The buttons were from Tracy from Mad About Bags and part of a Spring Swap we did. Not the perfect shade but I like that!

Does anyone else make jams/ chutneys? Know any good books on this topic??

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  1. Gorgeous cardigan....just love making newborn baby clothes. They are so tiny and quick to make. Love this shade of pink.
    I've a new great niece too at present I'm making her an elvish beanie.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)