Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Book love

I am a school librarian - the best job in the world. (not the best pay in the world but unless you are a teacher in a NZ school , your pay is rubbish! I am professionally registered too and have a library qualification through the old Wellington Teachers College - few primary school librarians have either! But school is good and the job rocks. And I do like having the school hols off - even if unpaid!)

It is NZ Book Month , so $5 vouchers are everywhere - buy a book worth more than $10 and get $5 off it. Whitcoulls let me pile up a pile and get $5 off every title :)

Jake Maddox is fab for reluctant readers! Lots of sporting titles.
Bloodlines are based around wars with a bit of graphic novel (cartoon) and the boys love these.
Tony Hawk skateboarding novels - boy heavy this time as trying to get more for them - they usually are the less likely to read ones!

A fab new series on inspirational kiwis - I really hope these keep on coming out!

Read Me Another One, Please is a compilation of every NZ author like Mahy, Cowley. Gavin Bishop,Dorothy Butler,Melanie Drewery, Tessa Duder, Fifi Colston etc. gorgeous. If you need an NZ book to send to NZers overseas or anyone overseas - Make it this one! Poems and stories.

Two new ANZAC books - love the Anzac Biscuits one - flicks between the kitchen and then a soldier in war. Anzac Day, The New Zealand Story is fabulous - I might even buy this for home too. All the facts in one place - the best book ever on ANZAC and much needed.

Kiwi is beautiful too . Another top gift.

I love A Year With Marmalade - beaut illustrations and font and a story about friendship and change.

The Millennium Tree (NZ book) is amazing for older kids teaching them about the settlement and development of NZ alongside a tree and world events over 2000 years. It is fabulous - might be buying another copy for home too.

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