Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rain and earthquakes!

It has rained steadily all day but apparently not enough to break the drought. Good to see though!
Auckland apparently had an earthquake too at around 4 pm - first I knew was when a friend rang and said "did I fell that?". Nope. The husband said he heard a rumble...

So it has been a day of making tomato sauce and I am delighted at how the batch has turned out - it smelt delicious! Will be great for those spur of the moments dinners during winter.
We are amassing quite a collection of homemade preserves/ chutneys/ jams/ sauces!
(the jam is sitting there due to my non - exsistent sweet tooth! No one else is a big jam eater or they prefer Vegemite on their toast. OH! 3 more sleeps and marmite is back on the shop shelves in NZ! I think I will be at the supermarket before I get to school on Wednesday!)

Finished my shawlette and love it! I am looking for the wool tag as a reader Julie wanted to know what it is.. I just need to climb into the attic Julie and will let you know!

Next on the needles - these little pumpkins look adorable and the worsted wool is in the attic - a big bag of scraps from my aunt - which will be perfect. Autumn is on its way here. These would be fab for a blog swap item too I think!
And I think I might use one of the balls of wool I bought in Sydney for this gorgeous Oakley shawl - i had bought the wool for socks and then realised it has no nylon in it...

Bargains of the weekend from Typo - a $5 laptop bag and a $6 apple pen holder. (so sweet!!!) Goodness I think I am addicted to that shop and you can find quite the bargains on their clearance tables which are added to week to week!

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