Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

In New Zealand today...

It is all about this! MARMITE! The yeasty toast spread that the country ran out of months and months ago after the poor factory was damaged beyond repair in the Christchurch earthquake.
We have all waited months and months and months for it to re - appear on the shop shelves.
The kids would be quite happy with marmite and toast for dinner. Half a loaf of bread has been eaten for afternoon tea. (maybe they will not need dinner at all???)

English marmite is a different kettle of fish! And vegemite is DISGUSTING ! :)

I saw a photo of a grey cardigan in the latest Frankie that had little bobbles on it. I went up to the attic and scratched around in my boxes and bins of stuff and came back down with this jersey- made by my mother around 1984-1986. Everyone tells me all the rage again is 1980 fashion and they all want my jersey!!!! Is this true??? Do I wear it nearly 30 years later ????????
My mother will find this so hilarious!!!!

And one of my favourite NZ websites is having a sale today and tomorrow - 40% off.

I have just done an order - thinking about a future blog swap I want to do (autumn themed),
I have ordered some stuff for it....

Wait another month while I get my kitchen swap out of the way but start making an autumn craft item if you wish ... :)

Happy marmite scoffing kiwis.

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  1. Promite on crackers for me. Though I don't mind Vegemite either. Love Frankie magazine too.I just finished reading my Frankie email newsletter which is always filled with good things.