Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter collections and a Pumpkin!

Easter is not at all big in NZ. I know no-one else who decorates for Easter.
Only around 16% of our population attend church regularly too. Of course we sell chocolate and Easter eggs and hot cross buns. I know one or two shops that sell Easter paraphernalia - Spotlight and Bed, Bath and Table but that is it. I guess that because we are heading into autumn now too, the spring- ness of Easter and new life does not really happen here.
I was amazed when in Sydney 2 weekends ago how commercialised Easter was - all the shops had items for sale whether declarations, craft, the speciality chocolate shops (I wish now I had bought an Easter bilby!), books (both religious and rabbit picture books) etc.
We always makes our own hot cross buns on Good Friday and the boys get one chocolate thing each and that is it. I know of many overseas children who get baskets full of things , much like Christmas.
I'm not really into chocolate still ...:(

I decorate a wee bit and do have some gorgeous Easter mugs from Bed, Bath and Table. The boys really ignore all these things. In my past life as a cub scout leader, one year all the boys made terracotta plant pot Easter pots. These are on our dining room table along with a gorgeous table cloth that my mum embroidered. I love it .

Sweet carrots from Tracy at Mad About Bags - I need to style these a b it better too! I have lots of eggs which I usually hang from a branch - I just need to grab a branch!

Here's the pumpkin I knitted on the weekend too. I'd love to do an autumn/ fall swap too ( I know being on the opposite side of the world can be tricky. Would people partake if they are coming into Spring now????? ). I think this would be cute in a swap....

And I have started my next knitting - a shawl - easy knitting for the moment! I love how this German wool feels when knitting.


  1. We don't do much for Easter, we have Eggs for breakfast just because it's what i've always done since I was a child, we still have a Easter Egg each, we do have a Easter plate, I picked up a few years ago in TK Maxx,
    Your Easter decs are so cute, and I'm love Tracy's carrots, and so nice to have something your mother embroidered, there's something special about it. You know I forget that different parts of the world are having different seasons to us, but hey Autumn and Spring are my two favourites and your pumpkin is so cute love the picture of the it in the garden, I bet there are fairies at the bottom of your garden too........

  2. What lovely Easter things and I love the pumpkin. I think you could do an autumn swap even though its spring here. I'm sure we would join in .xxx