Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sydney Delights

Delights include shopping! Kirsty and I really had not bargained on shopping for the hours that we did, but it was pouring with rain and the shops are so many and lots of bargains to this kiwi....

I adore department stores (NZ only has the one - Farmers- and it is okayish... Certainly not what I call divine compared to the Aussie cousins!) and always run into Myer and David Jones. We both got some good togs (swimmers / cossies/ bathers) down from $150 to $40! (why on earth would someone pay $150 for a pair of togs????!!!) Kristy picked up some gorgeous beach dresses (I wish I had bought the green one now!) and I spoilt myself with a Karen Walker Hi There tee. (a NZ designer but I would never walk into her shops here but in a big department store it is quite different!). And pjs and a new waffle dressing gown for me. Australia always seems to have a good percentage off things every week , unlike here!

Gap always has a visit from me and there was a lot that I liked this visit - stripe tees for me at $20 each (has Gap become slightly cheaper??? I only go there once every 1-2-3 years) and the good quality track pants for the boys and tees for them as well. (Ryan needs a whole entire new winter wardrobe ...).

I found a gorgeous chocolate shop called Haighs - the Easter bunny in Australia is the bilby - bought a gorgeous tin for me but with the Easter chocolates inside for the husband. (I am kind like that sharing. I still do not like chocolate... But I will accept it at Easter of course as I am hoping I do again soon!!!!)

We went to Bed , Bath and Table too - we have them in NZ (actually a lot of our shops are Australian!) but my closest is a few suburbs away and I virtually never go there! I snapped up a few Easter goodies (always divine Easter and Christmas items there) - I nearly bought a big rabbit as love the fabric of the dress! - their tea towels I always buy too! And mugs - what a bargain at $2.50-6.00 The husband has not noticed those yet- I adore a new tea mug and have a wee pile of older ones to take into school now.

But my favourite item of the weekend is my new Swedish clog shoes from a shop over in Manly called Nordic Fusion. Oh! I really think I should have been born in Scandinavia !!!! I love these - years ago I had some black Swedish clogs too.

I was underweight at 14kg for my luggage too - I could have bought a lot more wool I know but have lots in the house, but had also already spent a pretty fortune before I got to the wool shop... The husband is great as he has not said one word about the shopping... I will wait till he sees the VISA bill.....

One thing I really love about Australia is the newsagents ! We have no equivilant here in NZ. Wow the range of magazines in the Manly one was massive!!! Plus toys/ books etc. And Easter stuff - everywhere!! I struggle finding Easter stuff here apart from Spotlight - can any other kiwi enliven me where we buy it?? (craft/ nicknacks etc. I might try Typo?) Kieran is over the moon with his soccer mags especially the Liverpool supporters mag which we cannot get here. they all seem slightly cheaper too! :) And even cheaper duty free on the air side at the airport! Why yes I will take 4-5 at only $6-7 each thanks! :)

And I finally have a copy of Granny Chic. I had a list of books I wanted and this was the only one I could find!

Ryan threw up this morning and then myself a few hours later - Stephen is at work but feeling great either... Hmmm. I have been at work for 3 weeks and 1 day and already having a day off!

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