Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 7 April 2013

Birthday boy

It was the husband's birthday today - very low key with the 5 of us! We had lunch out at the Library Cafe in Onehunga. I hadn't been to this suburb for a long long time!
We found the house that his Grandad had built many years ago in Onehunga. It is on Grotto Street where there really is a grotto!
I loved the cafe with its books etc - it was extremely busy and we had over half an hour before the food arrived - I was glad I had taken along my new sock to knit! :). The food wasn't bad but not wow either.
We took the boys to the 2nd hand Hard to Find bookshop which I always used to go too - I looked at a gorgeous cross stitch book but decided against it. It is a real rabbit warren.
Had a walk around the high street and a few of the nieghbourhood streets too - I am trying to get out out into different suburbs around the city and explore areas we do not normally go to.

Came home and it really is starting to feel like autumn , especially with daylight savings flicking over last night. Found winter pjs for everyone too - I have barely had to spend any money topping up winter wardrobes which is great!

Two more weeks of school and then hols - yippee.


  1. What an interesting looking cafe,Hubby looks amused at getting his pic taken,lol. Lovely pics.

  2. Hello Kmberley

    very much like the look of that book sort of place. Do you stay there for hours when you are on your own or do you wish you could? My family groan when I enter a book shop as they know I'm going to take ages LOL!
    Great photos .....just lovely to be able to see your area of NZ it gives me an idea of what the the country is like where my nephew and family live.
    I found your post about the effect the recession has on NZ very interesting. I was given to understand that OZ and NZ were not so badly hit. Spain is a disaster, a real mess. I've never seen it like this even during the last years of Franco's regime when there were no social benefits at all and the educational system was archaic beyond imagination. I often wonder Kimberley what is the objective of it all ....what is the real reason behind this lingering recession and the steps they are taking to supposedly improve or remedy the initial crash. Enough meandering.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)