Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kitchen things Swap - what I sent

Hooray - found the missing memory stick with the pics on that I sent Melanie of The Patchwork Robin blog. ( I can find no way to do links on the i - pad - I think I really am going to have to buy a "proper" computer one day :) ).

The something made was a couple of knitted heart coasters - not entirely pleased with them but I will keep practicing.
I adore sprinkles and cupcake cases, so I hope Melanie bakes...(maybe I should do a test bake of cup cakes to see if my sweet taste is returning...) and found a dotty mug too which I loved! The last part was a tea towel - i found a kiwiana one to send to England for her. I wonder if she knows what all the words mean on it?

I love doing swaps - have another one lined up ("i love autumn" theme but will wait a few weeks / a month or two...) Swaps seem to be very thin on the ground in blog land at the moment but I have heard postage has had a massive increase too in England.

Thanks Melanie for a fab swap. I used my gorgeous oven glove this afternoon while making peanut brownies.


  1. Hi Kimberley, I do bake alot so the cases and sprinkles will be used very soon. I know what you mean about the lack of swaps around at the moment its like a swap desert. Count me in on your I love autumn swap. xxxxx

  2. What a great swap! I love these exchanges that take place in blogland, they look like so much fun. x