Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Kitchen Things Swap

Oh how i love a swap! If anyone knows of any currently taking place in bogland, please let me know! I have masses of free time at the moment...

Today I received my parcel from Melanie of "The Patchwork Robin" blog. It only took 4 day for it to arrive from England!

What a delightful package! The swap had to contain something made, something to eat, a tea towel and a kitchen item.

Melanie is such an amazing sewer and has made this gorgeous oven mitt - I love rick rack and the fabric! I really would love to be ale to sew to this standard!
The cow corn holders are brilliant - I have never seen anything like these in NZ and they will be used a lot!
I am mad on tea towels (linen full stop really and regularly buy new duvet covers and sheets and the odd tea towel ), and this is so sweet too.

And chocolate - still working on getting my chocolate taste buds back, but it will come! I will try these day after day after day!

It has been wonderful getting to know Melanie and to have another blog to read. Thanks for being such a lovely swapper. Melanie should have received my package too by now.
I can remember taking photos of what I sent her but seem to have misplaced the memory stick with these pics on - if I cannot find it, I will wait until Melanie blogs about what I sent her and borrow the photos she takes :)

And stationery love from one of my oldest penfriends today - Rachael and I have been writing to each other since 1986!!! We have met each other numerous times. (she lives in Australia.)
I have had lots of lovely real letters lately.


  1. Thanks for hosting the kitchen swap, it was great fun. I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit reluctant to organise another swap just yet, as the postal rates have gone up by over 100% here in UK, and it would be asking a lot to expect people to pay so much to send items - in fact I read somewhere that its actually cheaper to send some items overseas than inland UK!!!
    I love the items you've received, and hope you get your choccie taste-buds back soon.
    Joy xx

  2. What a wonderful swap, the oven mitt is gorgeous and the rick rack sets it off beautifully. Cow corn cob holders, AWESOME!
    Anne xx

  3. Great swap gifts Kimberley! Love those cow corn holders too ,how very original. I've not see any like that before.
    Over mitts are gorgeous too. It is wonderful the amount of people out in blogland who have so much creativity and its all coming to light thanks to craft blogging.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Swaps are such fun - my sister who lives in Brisbane and I do 2-3 a year. I have just signed up for my first international swap and am debating whether I can fit this one in too, here is the link for you though.