Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 15 April 2013

Rain is beautiful!

Well I am sure the drought must be broken. It has rained steadily most of the evening.
It is the most beautiful sound on a tin roof and also the is wind howling. You do not realise you miss it until you realise you have not heard these sounds for months on end!
I was thinking that I miss the stinking hot humid summer days with rain days on end - except we never really go that at all this summer.

So I have sat here all night knitting another sock and working steadily on my summer things cross stitch. I am hoping to finish the cross stitch within the next 3 weeks - 4 sleeps till school holidays.

I think there might be a lot of sitting around doing craft, visits to op shops ( I have not been in so long) and the odd thing out to keep the munchkins happy. (but I am lucky in that they do love their days at home!)

Misplaced my i-pad camera memory stick down loader thingy so no photos tonight.

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