Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Oh dear

Bitten off finger nails - it must be the end of the term! Computer down yesterday and books everywhere and I mean everywhere - hundreds and hundreds and hundreds returned!
I have not bitten my finger nails for a long time - they will grow back but I am not pleased with myself for doing it!

I have actually cooked dinner quite a bit lately - hard for such a non food loving person - I want my food tastes and excitement back!!

Evenings are just all about being lazy in the bedroom - knitting and knitting and cross stitch and reading a few magazines. I can't even be bothered watching tv - not that I watch much at all anyway. I need more snail mail as have written a lot of letters lately! Hopefully my letterbox might look a bit chirpier in the hols - I have ordered around 25 books from The Book Depository - most for school but a few treats for me.

I think these upcoming school holidays are the most ever anticipated for me in 4 years of working at a school !

Autumn is here with lots of rain finally! Lots!

And Boston - thinking of that beautiful city and people involved - we spent time there in 1997 and adored it.

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